Minimal and Understated


Cozy up with comfort

Our cushion covers are not only soft and comfortable, but also stylish and versatile. With a wide range of designs and patterns to choose from, you can easily find the perfect cushion cover to complement your existing furniture and add a pop of color or texture to any room.

Ruby & Tree


Elevate your Decor

Ethnic Elegance

Transform your space into a haven of beauty and extravagance with our stunning collection of fancy cushion covers. Made from high-quality materials, they not only offer comfort but also durability.

Nepali Dhaka Inspired

Infusing art into your space and making a statement with fashionable cushion covers. Designed with beautiful details, intricate stitching and decorative patterns, these cushion covers add a touch of sophistication to your home decor.

Modern Minimalism

These Nepali inspired cushion covers brings cultural charm with a Nepali Twist that enhances the visual appeal of your home decor. Whether you prefer a classic, fancy look or a more chic and stylish, we have a cushion cover to suit your taste.

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